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About Us

Commertech is a specialist in cutting-edge Audio/Visual services and solutions with a focus on AV products, direct supply, design and consultancy. Following 12 years of experience in the field a group of dedicated and passionate experts have come together to offer the market the most technically advanced services and equipment offered by the industry. We are a complete source of audio and visual technologies, our equipment is diverse, our teams are highly professional and our operations cover the entire Middle East and Africa. With an expanding portfolio and long list of prominent suppliers, the future for Commertech seems moving toward its goals of becoming one of the most sought after AV companies in the region.


  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Houses of Worship
  • Hospitality


  • Courtroom Technology
  • Paging Solutions
  • Control Room
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Voice Evacuation
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Multi-Use Spaces

Professional Audio

A professional and reliable audio system is crucial to every project, regardless of its nature. Commertech has the skills and the ability to assist you in all your audio needs. We believe that a great audio system plays a key role in making any project, facility, event or performance stand out from the rest. Our extensive portfolio in that domain covers everything from Public Address and Acoustic Systems, to Professional Audio Systems, Conference Systems, System design and finally Project management.


Like every other field in the modern era, the education sector is riding the wave of technology to bring young generations a new kind of facilitated information through cutting-edge technology. Today Commertech prides itself for cooperating with major schools and universities by providing long distance learning tools in addition to high-tech innovations that makes learning more interactive thus easier and a lot more enjoyable.

Broadcasting & TV Studio applications

No production house or TV station can excel without having an efficient studio design and a solid base of broadcasting and operation systems. At Commertech we are always on the lookout for the most effectively advanced broadcasting systems in addition to the latest techniques that are guaranteed to make any piece of work, a true success.


Commertech specializes in video solutions by offering top-notch video equipment covering different needs and domains including entertainment, hospitality, head offices, TV stations, production houses, control rooms and all kinds of corporate and institutional venues.

Integrated Security and low current

Our integrated security and low current operation pioneers in providing innovative solutions that meet clients’ specific requirements and allows them to stay in control of every aspect of their facility. Commertech’s specialized expertise, optimized services and leading-edge technology cover design, supply, installation, operation and follow up on all residential or corporate systems.

Stage engineering

The ever changing entertainment world always seems to find a new approach to blow audiences away. At Commertech we believe that stages are key to capturing attention and creating achievements. Our team has the right expertise to handle all stage engineering and design needs using the finest product supplies for outstandingly smooth process.


Our services are not limited to complete systems but encompass system accessories and supplies including: Trusses systems, Chain Hoists and Controllers, Portable Stages, Cables and connectors, Ethernet & DMX various solutions, Control and Automation Systems, Custom-built distribution boxes, Smoke and effects machines.

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About Us

Commertech is a specialist in cutting-edge Audio/Visual services and solutions with a focus on AV products, direct supply, design and consultancy.


Professional Audio
Broadcasting & TV Studio applications
Integrated Security and low current
Accessories and Automation
Medical sector AV and communication solutions
Medical 3D imagery
Counter communication systems for high security facilities
Banking and retail sector

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